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Add Mac OS File Preview Look To Windows 10

add Mac OS file preview look to Windows 10

Mac OS X file preview is quite respected throughout the worldwide community of PC and Mac OS users. The reason is quite simple: OS X file preview gives a quick glance on to the contents with much broader vision than that of the Windows’ file explorer. This very same feature …

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Nepal Visa Requirements, Nepal Visa application, Visa to Nepal

Nepal is now becoming one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world. The country is not rich with history and beautiful attractions, but it also has many different events, festivals, and activities year-round that people visiting the place can enjoy.  If you are interested to travel to Nepal for …

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Nepal Telecom Postpaid and Prepaid Internet Plans

Nepal Telecom (NTC) is the state owned telecom company of Nepal. They have been providing mobile telephony, PSTN and other telecom based services to the Nepali citizens for a very long time now, and the service scale has expanded to an impressive scale in the past few years. The company …

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Ncell MMS Settings for iPhones

Ncell has been a private cellphone operator in Nepal since 2004. In the last 12 years of service, Ncell has provided the users in Nepal with excellent new features, technology upgrades and better ways to connect with their friends, family and loved ones at home and abroad. Ncell intends to …

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SLC Exam Results in Nepal

Every country in the world has a standardized test to mark the students that are graduating from high schools. In Nepal, the standard test is addresses as School Leaving Certificate, popularly abbreviated as SLC. School Leaving Certificate is taken after completion of the secondary school education. Speaking of equivalency, the …

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Deleting Facebook Password Saved By Windows 10 Easily

deleting Facebook password saved by Windows 10

The rise of social media in our daily online activities has certainly caused some privacy issues for us as well. Among the most important for them could be to know about unknown storing of the password for access to various social media sites. With the arrival of the novel Windows …

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Review on

EPS test is a Korean proficiency test that every employment seeker in Korea has to go for. is the Nepalese department for citizens who are willing to go to Korea to seek job and earn foreign remittance. This website publishes the results of EPS test conducted by Korean authority, …

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Preeti Font to Nepali Unicode converter

These days, there are a lot of fonts available and that are used all over the world. These fonts are based on the official language or dialect of a certain place or country. Texts that are written in these fonts may sometimes be not understandable by some other people. Because …

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